Sucks for You

January 11, 2009
By Jackie Katz, New York, NY

Sucks for You

Ha, sucks for you, doesn’t it?
Your parents won’t let you go out tonight.
Wow, sucks for you! Your life really sucks right now.
Go cry to your mom because life really sucks for you.

Jeez, that sucks for you.
No money to go out to lunch? Wow, your life really sucks.
I’d hate to be you. Look at all of the money I have in my pocket!
I can go out wherever I want. Jeez, sucks to be you!

Ew, that really sucks.
You failed the math test? I asked if you wanted help. Don’t blame me.
Jeez, that sucks. You’ll be held back a year. Wow, I hope you graduate.
Man, that really sucks, buddy.

Eeek! You spilled tomato soup on your shirt. That’s sucks, doesn’t it?
Go home to your mom and ask her to wash if for you. Probably won’t help.
Wow that sucks. Don’t be too embarrassed!

Wow, look at me! My life sucks, too!
Well look at that, I don’t have my mom to go home and cry to.
Guess my life really sucks.
But you don’t hear me complain about it.
You lost your wallet? Wow, that sucks. Get a load of this, ha! I lost my family.

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