January 11, 2009
By emma folsom, Franklin, MA

she walks down the long empty hall, with no light, no sound,
just the darkness and the numbing sensation that has always haunted her.
she calls out, but silence is all that answers
puddles of water trail behind her, the rains continues to beet down
and the flowers remain wilted.

she is lost, but no person searches for her.
the streets are crowded, she trips stumbles and falls
no hand extends towards her; rather she is stepped on and shoved aside
fingerprints, footprints, bruises, cuts and scars cover her body
is there no end? is there anyone?

she trudges on in her ripped, soggy, dirty clothes
bare feet hitting the cool pavement as I begin to run,
desperate to find some place, anyplace to call my own

I call your number, but all I get is a dial tone
No time to go back, nothing behind me, no one in front

I feel so lost in your arms, nothing I can do... there's no one here
I have to hang on, someday my reasons will be clear, and one day I'll be home
There's nothing to hold on to, I'm slipping away into the past
Just like the rest, perhaps there won't be any fear and no more tears

I don't like who I have become, I thought I found shelter with you
If you only knew how wrong you are cuz no one knows me
the one you want is everything I'm not

i'm being torn at the seem,
i don't need directions from you; I'll find it on my own
maybe around the bend I'll lend you a hand
but for now get lost

join the fun, and know what you have put me through
I really don't need this; I'm trying to forget this
and every remaining memory will be burned by the flames
along with every good time

just go away, it's time to split up,
leave me alone, this time i'm done
no more please

just leave
leave me alone
let me be
just leave

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on Jan. 25 2009 at 1:56 pm
This was soooooooooo.... good. it was very deep and meaningful.

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