Been Awhile

January 11, 2009
By Shanice Perriatt, Vallejo, CA

Been awhile, hasn’t it?

Don’t give me that look. Like you don’t know this chick.

Remember we were once together. Taking late-night walks, having deep meaningful talks.

Is this your fiancée? “Nice to meet you.” She’s quite pretty.

“This little girl beside me?” That’s your little girl. “Her name is Riley.”

No need to feel ashamed. Hey, it was your decision to let her to grow up without knowing her blood father’s name.

Don’t eye me with that puzzled expression.

While you were out there messing with every chick of any size or color.

I was in the hospital anticipating becoming Riley’s teenage mother.

Seventeen, alone, and restless. I had a feeling you couldn’t careless.

You never bothered to come and visit. You always chose the direction of the exit.

Avoided me until I stopped trying to contact you. Hell, I couldn’t careless anymore what you do.

I was young and single raising a baby on my own. But technically, I wasn’t alone.

Family and friends stood by my side.
Unlike you who did nothing but lie.

Ten years have come and gone since then. Until today where we’ve met up again.

All I can say is that my life’s much better. Married to a wonderful man and we’re living happily together.

So I wish you and your fiancée the best. I hope you treat her differently from the rest.

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