Harlequin hearts

January 11, 2009
By nina davis, Tularosa, NM

Harlequin hearts dancing at night

Rosemary lights flickering in their eyes

Their touches like a frozen pain

Lingering after awhile then gone, but always still there

Each breathe closer to their final

Each though entwined with the others

Twirling in the room

Ignoring every other body with in a distance

Tightening their grips as if they could just loose the other in an instance

They kick off their shoes, sliding across the pavement now

Dancing down the street in tune with the traffic

Ripping their scarves off; throwing them into the street for others to see

Catching the leaves in their faces as they run down the hill

They look up and watch as the gods in the sky above look upon them

They come to a stop and lay in the dew grass

Snuggling close to one another and him singing sweet lullaby’s in her ear

They both slowly start to fall into their sleep where, if they are lucky, they will never awake; for then they can be truly together forever…

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