Songs for Every Season of Life

January 11, 2009
Bringing people together,
songs about life
losses heartbreak
friends family
triumph defeat.

Their wedding,
first dance,
beginning of new life,
joy love
smiles laughter.
“The way you look tonight”

Road trips,
belting out lyrics to keep us awake,
keep us entertained,
keep us happy
not fighting.
“99 bottles of beer on the wall”

Car rides to field hockey games,
vivacious vitality in the air,
chanting cheering chuckling.
“We will, we will rock you”

His funeral,
sisters and I singing your lyrics,
voices cracking
as we fight back the tears
that are already falling.
“Shepherd me oh God”

Bringing us together,
showing us love,
keeping our spirits high,
pumping us up,
making us see the hope.

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