January 11, 2009
By BlakeRobyns SILVER, Westfield, New Jersey
BlakeRobyns SILVER, Westfield, New Jersey
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Looking around
The girl sighs

A tiny tear
Comes from her eyes

No one likes her
She doesn't belong

She doesn't know the words
To any cool songs

Looking down
She continues to walk

When she passes
No one stops to talk

She's out
And they're in

Trying to belong
Is hard to begin

Looking up
She sees a boy

Sitting alone
His face was long

She'd seen him before
It was a big risk

What would they say
If she talked to him

He was no nerd
Anyone and everyone knew

A guy like him
Doesn't talk to that girl

Still she walked further
Getting near

He mumbles something
She can't hear

Sitting down next to him
He begins to cry

Looking concerned
She asks him why

He's very simple
With his reply

He says he'd been there for an hour
And everyone had stared

She was the only one
Who noticed him and really cared

This boy and Girl
Became great friends

And finally she belonged
Even if it took until the end

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