Nobody Watching

January 11, 2009
By Anna Sheridan, Cardiff, CA

Nobody Watching
the sand, damp with fresh rain envelops my bare foot
newly manicured
with flowers on the big toes
the aroma of fresh New Hampshire summer rain
closes in around me
the jade leaves brush my left shoulder
with a rough, yet comforting tickle
the feeling
the feeling that I can do whatever I want
nobody’s watching me
nobody is wanting me to behave a certain way
nobody is criticizing my every word
every note that comes out
of these cotton candy colored lips
the feeling
that I can dance around
with no rhythm whatsoever
nobody’s watching me act like a fool
nobody’s watching
nobody’s listening when I throw my head back
and yell
for all the times that I felt like yelling
nobody will notice
nobody will care
when I roll up my jeans and
into the water
nobody will look at me strangely
nobody’s watching
when I sit down on my rock,
the one just east of third beach
to watch the sunset,
nobody’s watching me

because they can’t find me
I’m in a different world so far from civilization
so far from everybody
just big enough
for me
so in my world it’s just me
and nobody is watching

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