Piecing You Together

January 11, 2009
I feel the surface of your face
Alternating bumpy, smooth
As my fingers arc from your hair to your chin until
My thumb meets your cracked,
Yet firm

Walking into empty rooms,
If nothing hangs in the air
And I’m thinking just the right things
I smell you there with me.

I close my eyes and can
Conversations, equations, explanations
With your voice.
I hear your sigh,
Your whine,
Then I hear your laugh.

The taste of your lips,
Your cheek,
Your neck
Flash across my tongue,
Accompanied each
With a small snapshot.

In a blur
My mind’s eye sees you
Taking off to run,
Falling, in the snow as I chase you
On a snow day not so long, yet long ago.

I see you,
Hear you.
Each I can recall individually.
But I have to piece them all together
From the ground up
To see your face.

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