January 11, 2009
By Bridget Billin, Rochesterhills, MI

Barbarous creatures painted by fire
intrude new lands with sick desire.
Deep below far underground,
warnings, sirens, and loud bells sound.
Black replicas aware of red’s attack
take up arms to readily fight back.
Funneling to the surface, chaos begins,
screams of little bugs thick as sin.
Ants in ranks of uniform columns and rows
charge another for a life they never chose.

High above, a child looks down,
seeing the battlefield form on the ground.
Red versus black, cries to the Lord,
creating a tangled checkerboard.
Boy who only knew sheltered lies
must now realize everyone dies.
Innocent heart used to living my rule
sadly sees this small world is cruel.
So quiet and soft, no adult hears them.
Words of youth praising, “carpe diem”.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece as a metaphor of a child's realization to the hardships of reality.

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