January 10, 2009
By Srinath Reddy, Singapore, ZZ

she will be an angel.

the expanse of blue is calm and welcoming
the same way a bottomless chasm is
calm and welcoming

she begins shivering, but
the chill is hardly to blame

her hesitation is for a brief moment, barely enough for
a second thought, for a reconsideration
deemed unnecessary

there is no clarity as she falls and surely no beauty, but
rather a rush of chaotic feelings. love. hate.
panic. fear. regret.

she meets the blue first with crippling pain and then with
the realization that fate has forgiven her like she
has never forgiven herself.

she will be an angel. but not today.

The author's comments:
Srinath is seventeen and is in a pursuit of truth in the vast, fast and confusing world which still remains an enigma to him.

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