Fallen Journey

January 10, 2009
By Elisabeth Gondolo, Salt Lake City, UT

I am from the living dead.
Left to live with the horrors.
Cold, alone, and sooty,
The world seems empty.

I am from nowhere.
Places have lost their meaning.
Scared, careful, and poisoned,
My lines always continue.

I am from my own story.
The music keeps going.
Harsh, colorful, and repressed,
I will never be broken.

I am from the barracks.
It consumes my food.
Dark, rotten, and timeless,
My body holds me down.

I am from the time.
Where Jews were forgotten.
Black, purple, and cackling,
The Germans always peeled.

I am from myself.
My light is still there.
Safe, steady, and strong-willed,
I will never falter.

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