Winter's Call

January 10, 2009
By Jake Bounds, Youngsville, NC

Clouds blend with sky into a dreary gray
The begining of the day seems almost postponed
The sun is an afterthought, for it's hidden away
Fall's retreat before the winter is quietly condoned
The tree's bare arms are raised to the sky
On them, not long ago, heaven's colors were painted
You can almost see the sadness in their eyes
The dry grass around them seems almost ashamed
The birds are gone now that everything is barren
Their sweet song is now only a fond memory
Now everything is colorless where once all was fair
It is clear winter is calling, oh fall, to thee
The snow covers the land in a blanket of white
A blanket that chills and provides no warmth
It calms the earth and makes everything silent
A beautiful preview of what is in store
The temperature falls as the day grows shorter
The days seems to rush, to give way to the night
The fall is a vapor and spring seems farther
The end before the begining seems of enormous size
The calm, the cold, seem somehow inviting
The stillness and the silence beckon to come and see
And I will answer, I'll come join your delight
For you, oh winter, are calling to me

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