January 10, 2009
By Jena Kerner, Solon, OH


I walk alone on the secluded beach, wandering aimlessly, following my heart’s desire as I admire my surroundings.
The sand beneath my feet digs into the empty space between my toes, and massages the soles as I slowly, quietly, step forward onto the gentle foundation.
I stand still in a relaxed position on the shore,
And stare out at the open sea, my gaze reaching towards the horizon.
The sun gleams before me like a delicate ruby,
As it slowly sinks beneath the wide open expanse of blue darkness.
But, the mighty sun leaves behind an array of beauty in the sky,
A painting fit for the eyes of Gods as the heavens clothe themselves in magnificent shades of orange, yellow, blue, and purple.
The colors dance and bond together in perfect harmony as they illuminate the sky with,
Unspeakable, untouchable, unthinkable elegance.
I release my gaze from the horizon,
And glance at the water in the sheltered cove.
I hear the waves cry in a tranquil tone as they crash towards the shore,
And then watch as they slyly slither away, rebelling from the piercing touch of the land.
As I listen to the waves cry, I see, out of the corner of my eye, a small yellow fish,
Racing below the surface of the sea.
The tiny creature glides through the water like a bird in flight,
Dodging the objects obstructing its path,
Only to make the slightest ripple in the translucent ceiling of its world.
At that point, I began to hear the whisper of the wind,
As it hummed its melody of wisdom and knowledge.
The wind carried with it the smell of the surrounding environment,
As the scent of salt and floral, loneliness and peace, circled around me.

As the earth continued to spin,
And time continued to travel,
I continued to linger in place, frozen on the beach, glued to the soft pillow of rock underneath me.

But soon, the sun vanished, disappearing from the sky, into the abyss.
Along came darkness, bringing with it panic and deep, deep silence.
I suddenly became enchained by the shadows of the night, overcome by blindness, my vision and senses impaired.
Where is the whisper of the breeze?
The freedom of the sea?
The scent of the salt?
The feathery, delicate touch of the sand?
I fell down to my knees, overcome with fear and distress as I searched for an escape from this nightmare.
I squeezed my eyes shut, wishing that I would wake up from this strange dream,
Hoping to destroy the blindness and break the chains keeping me from my escape.
Then came silence.
Not a sound could be heard. No emotions could be felt. No ideas could be thought.
Just nothingness. Just silence. Just blindness.
I then slowly, carefully, open my eyes,
And look up at the heavens, hoping that they would be filled with guidance.
All I see are bright, shiny dots in the sky,
Shimmering, glorious, luminescent sparkles high above the earth.
With this majestic sight came the sounds of the waves and the wind,
And the scent of salt, and the soft touch of sand.
I was no longer worried, no longer blind, no longer panicked.
I was at peace.

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