January 10, 2009
Remember the Ocean,

the Sky,

and the Breeze?
The birds,

the bees,

and the kapok trees?
The days at the beaches
with a splish splash
waves crash
sand crunches
the turtle hunches.
Rays glow.
Breezes blow.
Floors shift
with the drifting tide.
An ocean is timeless
but so is the ride.

Endless nights
we stare at the stars
and speak of the world

is it all real?
Or all but a dream?
Do we control
the world we believe?

Thougt provokes.
Emotion evokes.
The lightening strikes
stolen breath
crashing thunder
an omen of death.
Lives deprived.
Oceans derived.
The world was once a beautiful place

no more!

Eternal Darkness
Loom and Doom
haunt my dreams
no reprieves
left alone


in the darkness
the wind surpassed
clouds dissipate


all around me
light radiates
like a thousand tailgates.


Softly removing
All the darkness withing and


Back to the way the world used to be
like nothing had changed and gone away.
Sunshine and Butterflies
Glitter and Pompons
Back to the world once knew.

That is the way
of "The World Once Knew"
but also of this world so new!
Where love abides
and nobody lies.
The world lives in peace
just as was meant.

Remember the days
Please don't forget
The way it once was
And the ways of the now.
Remember then
And Remember more
And above all please don't
forget about me
please don't

please don't

please don't
forget about


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Leilanib said...
Jan. 23, 2009 at 4:01 pm
I'm impressed by this young person's insight and delightful use of imagry. I hope to see more of this.
vampraven184 said...
Jan. 23, 2009 at 4:49 am
omg this is one of the best poems ever read! funny style though, with all the breaks and stuff
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