January 10, 2009
By Anonymous

The life we live is far from anything manageable. The challenge comes within thy person that has no knowledge of the game or of the test to see which soul has the courage, strength and willing to finish.
But it shall never end, with many paths and pawns we pass and choose not which is right but which is adventurous, to see in which the mind has wanted to.
As thy notices even something that can't be finished he gives up,
In this life we call a game which leaves us with questions around, un-able to be answered woth no one other than thy self.

The author's comments:
I'd like anyone who reads this to live their life with many possibilitys as you can and live it like you could never do anything ever again. Live with the end in mind, not too far ahead but enough ahead so that you can accomlish what needs too, and still have time to actually live. Live with no regrets, just thing of them as a speed bump in which you slowed down, but that you can still get over and go down the right road.

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