Teenage Love

January 10, 2009
By taliyah young, Fredericksburg, VA

Teenage love
don’t get it confused
It’s a snake of a love it will strangle you
The cloud that you once watched
Will turn into falling dirt and bury you both
Love died it’s now just a ghost
Mother father they were both right
Love is only for those with big appetites
Because you will eat a thousand tears
And you will never get back your wasted years
Love is a word that really means lust
Because it’s a word they use to get what they want
One day young lady you will see
That love is just not meant to be
At least not for a teen

The author's comments:
One of my biggest problems i see is girls falling in love with the wrong one, just to be in love.. i hope you get this message and understand about how being nieve can shoot you down

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