What I Never Told You

January 10, 2009
By Anonymous

What I never told you
Is that I like the beach
Not for the sunsets
Or the self-obsessed people
Trying to scar their bodies
For the sake of beauty

I like the beach
Because I admire the heartbroken tears
Hurling themselves onto shore
Only to be dragged back onto life

What I never told you
Is that I like to think
I’m the kind of guy
Who can wave at his past
But then waltz on
For the sake of time

I once asked you
What’s different this time?
And you smiled and said
Time. Time is different

What I never told you
Is that your mascara-lined eyes
Look like black holes
Ready to swallow me
I’ll plunge into the abyss
For the sake of love

I like your eyes
Because it’s easier to say goodbye
To twin black holes than it is
To a tear-filled pool

The author's comments:
I just wrote this piece about some scraps of thought I had lying around.

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