I Will Go To Tokyo

January 10, 2009
By Nicola Bedford, Clarkson, ZZ

I Will Go To Tokyo

I will go to Tokyo, Japan
Fly to Nagasaki and ride the bullet train
I will zip through the countryside so fast it will make me sick.
I will meet the people who know that language, the culture.
I will introduce myself. Hajememashte, watashi wa Nicola desu.
I have done my homework. It is easy. But I am only human.
I will see the bright city lights, busy streets and roaring businesses.
I want to slow down. But I am only human.
I will taste the immistakable sushi on my tongue.
Don't worry. I'll try not to gag. But I am only human.
I will smell the gas emissions rising from the streets.
I should do something. But I am only human.
I will feel the satisfaction of the rich and the pain of the poor.
I want to ease their pain. But I am only human.
I will hear the loud honking of horns as I walk down the road.
They could be honking at me. But I am only human.
So ask me again why I will come here.
To get sick?
To speak another language?
To slow down?
To gag?
To stop the emissions?
To ease the pain of the poor?
To stop the beeping cars?
I come for the speed.
For the culture.
For the food.
For the lifestyle.
For the money.
For the cars.
I am only human.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece in a Children's Literature Course mid-2008. I was given the freedom to make any comment I wanted. To me, the flaws of humanity need to be identified before they can be fixed. Yes... I am a perfectionist.

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