Make Way for Love

January 10, 2009
A moonlit walk along the beach,
I could do without.
I’m not fond of having cold,
Clammy sand squelching between
My toes.

Don’t even think about kissing
Me in the rain. That’s what every
Other girl wants these days.
I personally, would rather
Not follow the trend, and stay
Dry while our lips are lovingly
Pressed together.

A dinner at a posh, French restaurant
Would be great, but if we had to,
I would settle for Burger King
If you were by my side.

Diamonds are also
A nice touch, but the truth is,
I value you more than
Any expensive jewel.

I might also add, that
Boxes of luxurious chocolates,
Blooming red roses sent to
My office, surprise trips to
The Bahamas or Venice,
Are completely and utterly

If you could just stop by,
And sit on the couch with me
In your arms, while we watch
The six o’clock news, and know
That this is all we need,
Then it’s my idea of a
Perfect Valentine’s Day.

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Faith said...
Jan. 23, 2009 at 6:20 am
Wow. This is wonderful! I love the themes and ideas presented here. It gives a new edge to the way we look at love. Perhaps standardizing your verse length would make it easier to read, other than that, this is fantastic. I love it!
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