Goodnight and Goodbye

January 10, 2009
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Where forest stream went through the wood,
And silent all the stems there stood,
Of tall trees, moveless, hanging dark,
With mottled shadows on their bark.

There I stand, no voice, no sound,
My beating heart a sigh profound,
Here I am, and here to stay,
Awaiting end of fading day.

Looking out to gentle sky,
To watch the ravens flying by,
I close my eyes to feel the breeze,
Standing by the swaying trees.

Now I turn to look and see,
The light of evening fading free,
As cloak of dark now comes to earth,
The dawning of dark night’s rebirth.

As faint as deepest sleeper’s breathe,
An echo came as cold as death,
Long are the paths, of shadow made,
Where no footprint is ever laid.

Farewell now to day so plain,
Farewell now to weeping rain,
And mist and cloud and heaven’s air,
Now greet the moon so blinding fair.

Farewell now blade, bloom and grass,
That see the changing seasons pass,
Farewell sweet earth and northern skies,
Forever blest for here we die.

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