The Human Spirit

January 9, 2009
By Anonymous

I was once told a bedtime story
Oh how I thought it was damn boring
But Now That my childish thinking is gone
Oh how could I believe the world's oldest Con?

That we're good people infected with evil
It's more like we're evil people infected with good
You see free will is double edge sword
Just like a hiss of the devil comes with God's word

Adam and Eve were saved and damned through their sin
They were damn to exile but they were saved from the hell that would have been
Through exile God gave us our human spirit to try to replicate paradise
But we can't all we do is make countless Vice's

But we shouldn't give up at the first sign of evil
Because we all have the light and the dark
And if we get too hung up on one
Then everything will come undone

All the good will fade away
And the devil will no longer keep his bay
Because good people stay good for too long
Thinking they're perfect and everybody else is wrong

That’s what to Lucifer and that’s what will happen to us
So sometimes being Evil is an unholy must
You see the trick is to finding the even mix
Before the clock strikes six past six

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