January 12, 2009
There is just no food, none here at all.
Not in the fridge, the kitchen, pantry or hall.

I haven’t eaten all day. I’m about to scream!
Where is the chicken, the steak, or ice cream?

Come on I’m STARVED! I just need some food.
It doesn’t have to be fantastic. Just something good.

I’m not asking for much...Wait…what do I smell?
That sensational scent that I love so well?

Is that my dad? With a box in his hand?
If it’s what I think it is, then he is THE MAN

Oh my goodness, my Favorite Food!
Wow! Oh wow! That daddy is good!

I can tell that smell from a mile away,
That greasy delight; you don’t even have to say.

With brown crunchy crust, like hot greasy crackers.
Tomato sauce and cheese; those tasty lip smackers.

MMMGH! That’s the taste I sigh for.
You can never beat that. That’s something to die for!

Who ever thought all those fats and calories,
Would be so simply scrumptious? Oh pass that pizza please!

The inventor of this delight deserves the Nobel Prize
For creating such joy, in a little pizza slice!

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