you didn't even ask

January 11, 2009
By Amanda Mullaney, Franklin, MA

You call to me
You complain about your life
You tell me that you’re sad
And how ill never know

You tell me that she broke up with you
But you never told me you were together
You tell me how much you loved her
And now you’re not together

You tell me all these things
But you don’t even know
That I won’t tell you how
My life won’t seem to go

You’ll never know my pain
As I cry and write about my life
You never once will ask
But I would never tell

That I have fallen in love
Fallen in love with him
And yet we never were
There was no chance
Because there never was a love
I could not kiss his lips
I didn’t even have the chance
To be broken up with by him

Yet you complain to me
How you had your chance
Yes it failed
And I know it hurts
But at least you had the chance
To have it crash and burn
Because I know that you are hurting
I’m wishing I had the gamble
To watch it die
Or touch my lips to his

Yes you should be sad
And yes I do not know
But I can’t say
That I am sorry
Because you
Didn’t even ask.
You don’t even knowme
And for that
You never will
Because yes your love its over
But my love
Now its over
And you sisn’t even ask.

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