The Murderer

January 12, 2009
By Kayla Barnes, Clarkston, MI


The blood dripping from the holes in my back
I was wounded
In the darkness I stood
Not knowing what was about to happen
The person who meant the most to me
Now standing over my numb, betrayed body.

Who could have foreseen this tragedy?
My eyes blinded by love
Could not see the murderer that stood before my eyes
The lying, the cheating, the betrayal
Is all clear now
My eyes see the truth
When they wish they hadn’t.

When did it begin?
How could I not see?
My mind wandered in the never ending questions
I must not waste my time wondering
I must do something about the pain this murderer has brought me
I may be wounded but I do not give up
This murderer will be brought to justice.

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