the earth is dizzy

January 12, 2009
By tessa bolsover, Portland, OR

Maybe the earth is dizzy.
Maybe that’s why it doesn’t object as we tear roots from the ground like hair from my scalp trying to extract the truth from those sun drenched roots while lounging men in business suits sit and watch as they slowly flood the world.
Maybe the earth is dizzy.
Maybe that’s why it cannot hear as people cry and it cannot see those homes go up flames and light the way to unmarked graves maybe it’s too dizzy to see tears of the world precipitate, trying to wash away the hate but it cant.
Maybe that’s why it doesn’t seem to mind as bombs explode killing hopes of a better place, a world where hate doesn’t poison our childrens lungs, for it is but a toxin.
Maybe the earth is too dizzy to realize that our entire being has been molded by lies for we are no better than the birds, the trees, the enzymes, just different.
Maybe the earth is dizzy.
Maybe that’s why it cannot find the time to remind us all we’re simply a footnote in the biography of time and the choices now that we make and the greed that drives the human kind insane and that endless hunger for controll will be so pointless as time erodes and all we’ve done is sealed our own fate, now who’s to say if we’re too late?

The earth is dizzy. So am I.

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