A Letter to Hitler

January 15, 2009
By Jessica Schwiers GOLD, Pawleys Island, South Carolina
Jessica Schwiers GOLD, Pawleys Island, South Carolina
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Dear Adolf Hitler,
I try and try but I can’t hold back no more,
I was wondering this one question,
Why did you hurt,
The weak and the poor?
You laughed when they died,
When they gave up the fight,
I was wondering this one question,
How did you sleep at night?
And wake up the next morning,
With no thought filled with regret,
I wonder how you did it,
And was able to forget,
About all those people you killed,
Their families filled with grief,
Filled with sorrow,
And sadness,
All because they had a different belief,
I bet getting rid of them was worth your while,
All because they didn’t fit,
In your, so called, "superior" life style,
You thought they were bad,
You treated them like vermin,
All because,
They weren’t as you say,
The perfect German,
You thought they were inferior,
And you thought you had the right,
To eliminate a race,
And win without a fight,
You didn’t know that they would pull through,
And live to see another day,
Because god wanted them too,
I hope you suffered,
With all your deeds that were foul,
Oh and look,
Guess whose laughing now,
With you’re named on a stone,
Upon which it is engraved,
I just hope you know,
You gave us Germans a bad name,
I wondered all this,
As I look toward the sky,
Knowing I will not see you up there,
And still I wonder why,
You caused all this pain,
All because you wanted a little bit of Fame.

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This article has 1 comment.

Joy26 said...
on Jan. 20 2009 at 11:10 pm
Wow! Great poem - I like how you fit the powerful words into the rhyme scheme!

This, the cruelty of those in power, brings to mind a wonderful book by Leo Tolstoy - "Resurrection".

Nice job!

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