Dark Knight

January 9, 2009
By Charlie Hilliard BRONZE, Carrolton, Texas
Charlie Hilliard BRONZE, Carrolton, Texas
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Staring at the sky
Wishing you were gone.
You could never see me
oh no you couldn't.

I was too far gone
you reached out your claw anyway.
I know you hope I stay the same
but with conditions.

I have to stay with you
never wanting this nightmare to be true.
Because through all this
all this nightmare bliss....

This party was getting stuffy
as my eyes just got puffy...
for you...
It was all for you.

In the end I love you
as I always have.
Too bad you can never love me
all you can do is retract your claws.

Even with your flaws...
I love you.
I can't help it
there must be a problem with me.

You tell me its a party
and that you should be tarty...
for me...
why did you want that for me?

Can't you see me
no you couldn't.
I just asked for pain
as you walked away.

I knew...
It was good to be true.
I walked back inside
my heart by your side...

You had told me you'd leave
just so you can save me...
And I let you go...
I just let you go...

I knew nothing here could save me
that nothing here could hold me..
Nothing here but you...
and you were gone.

Scared I wouldn't survive
I started drinking the wine...
and we laughed for a while
at least they did...

And I was hoping
but not seeing.
And I was crying
but still dreaming...

Yet still I knew you had left
even as I argued.
the thoughts had clouded my veiw
yet when I said no it was in my head.

I knew you would never come back
never coming back to me.
You thought that was what I wanted
and it was what I had wanted... till now...

I faked a smile and survived the night
knowing that I had lost my dark knight...

The author's comments:
A dork with the ability to write apparently

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linkroxsox said...
on Jan. 20 2009 at 3:50 am
Nice poem!

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