Helping Hand

January 9, 2009
Sitting on the step alone that day,
Tears in a train, a long flowing path,
One behind the next.
Just me, alone, me, myself and I,
Are the only ones left to cry.
Everything a mixed up blur.
Then I see her flesh,
That helping hand,
So many times I’ve leaned on before.
Tears stop, as if they froze,
Nothing matters when I see her face,
The world is still a blur, all except for her.
Just to see her smile,
Means the world to me,
Nothing matters. No nothing anymore.
The whole day is gone,
Feelings are lost,
Except for the one that means the most.
That feeling, my favorite,
Brought by a good friend,
I never it to ever end.
I study her face,
She smiles once more,
I try to laugh, but it just isn’t there.
So she embraces me,
I feel whole once more,
That helping hand, saved me again.
For the time we stood,
No words were said,
It was all in her eyes, all that was meant.

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amyxu said...
Mar. 8, 2010 at 4:49 pm
Nice! Good phrasing
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