January 9, 2009
By Adaelia BRONZE, Fresno, California
Adaelia BRONZE, Fresno, California
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I love, like, and respect
My best friend,
But tell I would never
Or it’ll be the end.

In those silent moments;
When atmosphere’s tense
I’m nervous, unsure
The tension’s dense

My feelings were mixed;
Our friendship held something
I thought; something was more
In an underlying ring

On the tip of my tongue
Just lying there
“I love you.”
Away in a breath of air

Another day,
Another night,
Another wait
My heart grows tight

I step up to plate,
To say what I need
But I froze because
You paid no heed

Like a mirror
So perfect, so clear
Drops and cracks
My distortion leers
That spark I felt-
I can’t go back to before
When we were so merry

I over thought it
This- a misconception
Was my own fault
My own deception

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