January 9, 2009
By Nora Fitzgerald, Comstock Park, MI

My mouth so dry I could hardly swallow
My face could turn color, I felt so sick
Sweaty, clammy, wrinkled hands
Dizzy, I was seeing duplicates of objects in the room
Itchy, red, dry eyes as though it seemed if it caused my bad eyesight
My feet and nose were ice
One movement and my toes would break off
Forehead: on fire
Tangled in the thousands of sheets and blankets
I was strapped down the bed
Sweating, in pain, freezing, coughing, oozing with congestion
The underside of my tongue was bruised from taking my temperature
So many times yet still in the hundreds
Soon, time slowed down while a day felt like one month
Exhausted from just lying there, sick.

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