January 9, 2009
By Hannah Vertovec, Mequon, WI

My soul has been defaced.

Torn and mangled from the punches you threw at it.

You are the reason I pay special attention to every guitar solo,
And the simple sight of tie-dye brings you to my mind every time.
Your unattended blonde hair and signature Ray-Ban glasses --
All of that has changed.

I can’t see you anymore because all I see is a hypocrite,
A liar,
A junkie.
I am angry beyond actions, sad beyond sobs,
But disappointed?
So disappointed I could scream into a microphone that
would wake the whole world.

You have always been like the air in my lungs, for all seventeen years.
The blood in our veins always felt like one in the same,
until you infused that poison through your arm.
I cannot believe you’ve left me, and I lost you,

to a needle.

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