Unanswered Questions

January 6, 2009
By Vanessa Chandler, Lindsay, OK

Here I am again
Laying here crying to the stars
I've said Sorry for Every possible thing, I've asked why over and over again.

But every tear go uncaught
Every questrion unanswered
Every apology empty and unaccepted
And every bit of guilt remains.

Everynight I come sit by your grave
I talk to you about it all
Just like I used to.
And everynight I ask you what could've been so bad to make you leave me this way.

Was I a bad daughter?
Did daddy say to many mean things?
Was it something someone didnt say?
Or did you simply not like this life?

Everynight I sit here and ask you the same things.
I'm always answered with silence and my uncaught tears.

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