restlessly sleeping

January 8, 2009
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When i lay down to bed
And place my head gentally
On a cold duck feather pillow
it sinks into the cold atmoshpere like
A rock sinks in frigid water but
Its so much more comforting

While my eyes start to droop
I can vaguely hear
The sound from the train in downtown
The neighbors dog barking at the family of squirrels in the oak tree
And the alarm clock next to my bed ticking as every second passes

I feel myself dreaming
But how do I know if this isn’t real
I try pinching myself …
It doesn’t work

I don’t remember how I got here
In this cold forgetful town
There is no one in sight
Not a soul but me and …

But me and this black labador retriver dog
Is this my dog?
Since I don’t have a dog this must be a dream

I don’t recall falling asleep, and I could still hear my backgrounds
those trains from downtown but they are louder now
My dog barking, or is it the neighbors
And a ticking noise, but not as much ticking as it was to be the sound of a heart beat

Was this a scary dream or was this real?
It’s a town full of nothing
Yet it was a town full of everything
Mobsters, guns, hookers…everything but rainbows and happiness

I guess it is up to me
And my dog of course
To figure out how I got here
And why it was here I or someone chose for me

This dreary town doesn’t show my character
Nor my personality
And it definitely didn’t show any part of my life
Am I supposed to solve a mystery with my wits

Why me?
Why did they chose an average girl
To fulfill a detectives shoes

I guess I should start from where I am
If I could tell where I was

The street signs say 3rd and North
And the clock on a tall court building reads 11:30
But this doesn’t tell me any thing
All I knew was I am downtown in some city at night

As I sit on the steps to that building
And I look at all of my surroundings
I notice it

This was going to help me escape
If it was the dream I was escaping
Or if it was the town I was trying to escape
I knew this would work

I would need to discover all my surroundings before I could leave
The parks, the stores, the business buildings,
Even the creepy house on the opposite corner where the court building lies

I look back clock
It reads 2:15
How could time gone by so fast
All I have been doing was thinking

My dog laying on the ground had the right idea
I didn’t do anything productive
But I was exhausted

But if this was a dream how could I be tired
Sleeping inside of sleeping
This must impossible
Then I knew it
I wasn’t dreaming this was real, this was really downtown
A familiar yet very strange town

I lay my body down on the cold hard semented stair
Just to get a few minutes of sleep
Or which I thought was a few minutes when I hear my name being called
The dog barking lounder, and the increasing of the ticking to a loud beeping

My eyes start to creep open
My cold body suddenly turns warm
The hard cement turned to soft like clouds
And my aching body recovered in seconds

All I see is light
I don’t know what it is
Was I dying or was this morning in that forgetful town

Scared enough I slowly open my eyes
To the point where I can see vividly
And there it was

My bedroom
The ticking alarm clock now waking me up
The dog now barking at the mailman
And the rush of traffic which replaced the sounds of the trains

I was back home
I never thought I would be so relieving
But it was

My cat snuggled up next to me
And everything going normal and perfect
My only nightmare I had to face now was getting up

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