Our world

January 8, 2009
We live in an upside down world
upon our couches snugly curled
everything around us falling into open sky
with our eyes shut tight we wonder why
all through the night, we sleep
trying our hardest not to weep

We watch as doctors and their wives
take our unborn children's lives
people all around us lying
people in the desert dying
the rest of the world watches in chagrin
as we destroy ourselves from within

as the new dawn approaches
the vivid nightmare of our lives reproaches
everything comes back down to its original place
our hearts beating now at a normal pace
for we know now that today,seeming bad in every way,
will always leave us with a better day

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Shelbs said...
Jan. 17, 2009 at 3:12 pm
Epic. I always get misty eyed at the 'take our unborn childrens lives' part.
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