Fire Light

January 8, 2009
By Alexandra Rasmussen, London, ZZ

This windy ice wonderland, will not fade away
I begin to light the fire, and the flame fades away
The light for seconds, the fast out they go.
No warmth to surround me, its a million below.

Since you've left me, i've been chilled to the bone
no passion or hope, here on my own
that flame thats deep inside you
someone else will be ignited, lit anew.

I will lay and wait, my heart cold as the ice
if you don't come home, i've paid the price
i might never know again your warm embrace
so forever ill sit with this fire place

The flames of love, i thought were mine
maybe i could hold you again, in time
this cold snowy winter has tired me out so
ill close my eyes and let the wind blow.

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