honey girl

January 8, 2009
By lyla atta, Cairo, ZZ

One bright sunny morning
I went out to feed my cat
I found a pregnant tabby kitty
Just lying on my door mat

Although I fed her every day
On my new warm carpet she sat
She’d bite and scratch and growl at me
Whenever I tried to give her a pat

She kept at this for weeks and weeks
Until there was a stormy night
I heard meowing in the kitchen
So I went and switched the light

She stood there glaring at me
She looked in such an awful state
Her eyes were swollen and her was fur wet
I could see she had lost some weight

She begged me to follow her
And into the rain she led me
Until we stopped at a deep puddle
And I saw what shocked me

There her new born triplets lay
And in the wind they were shivering
I picked them up with my soaking hands
They were very fragile, barley moving

I carried them into the house
Dried them with my hair dryer
From then on Honey Girl trusted me
And we lived happily ever after

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