the way things are between us

January 8, 2009
By Anonymous

im so confused
i just dont what to do
one minute your acting like you love me
the next you hate me
im so confused.
someone please tell me what to do
she say she love me
and trust me
i love her too
im still so confused
i know your anger
but baby
you should obey me

baby i know your confused
cause i am too
ive been walking down these street
thinking about you
i know sometime i act like i love you
and sometime i dont
but baby
thats what i do

baby thats all a just a fantasy lets face the reality

ive been sitting here loving you
sitting here trusting you
sittin here thinking why
i should obey you
thinking why i didnt leave you sooner
now, everything is clear to me
i dont need you in my life
so pack your things
and get out

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