where do we go?

January 8, 2009
By Kimberly Etzin, Hillsdale, NJ

I am scared for her
but she is not scared.
she acts as if it were nothing --
not being here.
not waking up.
people take too much advantage of happiness
they act like it can be thrown around
or played with.
they think it will always be there
in the end.
some people aren’t so lucky
some people aren’t given this happiness.
what do you say when someone tells you,
“its my time to go.”
how do you say goodbye?
how do you let go?
you can’t.
hold your head high
pretend that you are okay.
the time passed
but you still feel the ghost.
the ghost of the past.
the ghost of her sorrow.
crawling through your veins.
sucking your life away
the life taken from her.
the life she lost.

time passes and faces disappear
months pass and I still dread the thought that
you’re not here.
when someone says they need to go
all you can do is help
what if your help isn’t enough?
what if their malaise overpowers your strength to aid?
what if you could have done more?

her memory is in the past
yet these thoughts still linger on
the spirit rushing through your blood
constantly a reminder.
where do we go from here?

The author's comments:
dedicated to a friend.

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