watch me watch you

January 8, 2009
By Kimberly Etzin, Hillsdale, NJ

I am not alive but I have feeling
I don’t have ears but I can hear
you are not the only one being shoved
when you are angry, I am the barrier
between you and the world you are holding back
when you are sad, I am locked, just like your feelings
you don’t let anyone in, so neither will I
when you talk you think no one is listening
when you act you think no one is watching.

now you are exposed -- exactly what you didn’t want
you yearn for attention, yet you always stand back
you long for someone to hear, yet you remain silent
you pray for someone to hold, yet you don’t let anyone touch
maybe it’s easier with me to protect you
maybe it’s better if I keep the world out
but am I keeping the world from you?
or you from the world?

unscrew me from my hinges, and let me fall down
for you need to walk out
the only thing holding you back is me.

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