Unrealized Potential

January 8, 2009
By Devin Nottingham, Fullerton, CA

With hair that gleams from within like the moon
Magnifying the beauty of your eyes
Standing out against your skin, may i soon
hold a mirror to show you what i realize
Catching the attention of everyone
who dares to walk close enough to listen
to your voice as smooth as silk potrays fun
Passerbys can't help but watch you glisten
Your character plays the part of a muse
to those in which you are surrounded by
With you on our side theres no way we'll lose
and it definatly won't be a tie
For you are better than everyone here
and for that reason i won't shed a tear.

The author's comments:
This was a shakespearean sonnet i had to write in school, and i chose to write it about my best friend. The syllables are a little off, but i couldn't bring myself to change it.

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