Simple Lies

January 8, 2009
By Maria Murga, Woodbridge, VA

He told a lie
A simple one
Counting backwards
Finishing none

He spoke of perfection
One he held
Though not boasting
He would tell

He yearned for it all
The simple truth
Was all he could hide
None would pursuit

If you could
Tangle your fingers
Along with his hand
Maybe even feel the trigger

Could you tell me
All his lies
Or look upon his eyes
Hope he doesn't die?

He'd whisper
You could hardly hear
For he was so quiet
Yet know how near

He would close his eyes
As warm breath left his mouth
His mind persuading him
To call out

Yet he opened his eyes
Misleading him to what it is what
Running your eyes over him
Reading him, you could not

He whispered,
"When you all have won,
With all their smiling faces,
I will be gone."

As he walked away
He looked back once more
The agony in his mind
What he will be no more

You go on living
Ponder if he was dying
Think of all he was saying
Why would they be smiling?

And maybe even wonder
If he was lying

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