Love Candy

January 8, 2009
By Maria Murga, Woodbridge, VA

This lovely-looking candy
Tastes so terribly sweet
It brings a smile to my face
Oh, how sweet and neat

I suck on it and bite
Enjoying the sweet taste
It's oh so sugar-coated
Too wonderful to waste

My tongue takes every taste
My own fantasy begins
As my mind goes in circles
Of many dreams and wins

Such an amazing candy
How I love it so
I take another one
How could I say no?

The sprinkles all on it
A soft and chewy case
It's very well-done
Not done in haste

I take another one
And another one still
I cannot stop myself
Cannot control my will

I take the sweet-looking candy
Such a magical thrill
I lose myself in ectasy
Fantasy, it fills

The wonderful colors it comes in
The many flavors too
It fills me with such happiness
You should try it too

Sadly, I finish it all
I frown and then sob
I've finished all of my lovely candy
The candy we call "Love"

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