Temptress of Doubt

January 8, 2009
By Tyler Oldham, Boardman, OH

Temptress of Doubt

The eye of the tempest winds,
Deceptively calm for but a time,
Encircling you in the black and gray,
Closing in to snuff out hope’s flame,

How can a gentle flicker…
How can a gentle flicker…
How can a gentle flicker…
Withstand uncertainty’s hurricane?

She’d like you to part from your heart,
Lure you like the siren to doom,
Body worn and weathered,
Tossed in apathy’s gusts for faith in love and the world,

Her countenance but a veil,
With a hollow speech,
She whispers of nothings and void,
To hellish indifference and hopeless souls,

Is she the morning star?
The revealer of all things true yet embedded with lies?
A bearer of knowledge yet bringer of damnation?
Yet in all this fallen angels never seemed so comforting in my questioning,

God I’d beg you to feel my prayer,
Not just hear it,
Please though, deafen me to temptations call,
And invigorate me with faith,

Doubt shall not overwhelm me in her cold and joyless embrace,
For the storm shall clear and falter,
Wither no more shall I,
Knowing love and faith shall extend beyond shallow storm clouds…

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