You Are Love

January 8, 2009
she stops and turns to him;
her eyes blink away
she laughs as she looks
up at him from underneath her
a grin grows upon his face
and she dissolves
in laughter.
they walk at night like this
when they need to get away.
and sometimes they talk;
but often they don't.
although not because there's nothing
to say.
she says;
i hear you, when you look my way.
and his eyes nod back,
me too.
she glances skyward and she sighs,
and he hears;
how lucky i am to have you.
he reaches out in the dark
and takes her mittened hand.
with a gentle squeeze, he thinks
you're love.
and aloud she says,
so are you.

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BAMF said...
Jan. 17, 2009 at 3:03 pm
Wonderful poem!!!
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