That Guy

January 8, 2009
By Amanda Cooper, New City, NY

That Guy

A guy that you have loved from day one
Hoping he loved you back
Even when the times were rough
He always pushed to make it work
Because being without her seemed almost unattainable.
The horrible times he had to go through,
The pain in his heart,
Felt like someone was deteriorating it
Minute by minute
It only got worse

Her being around him made her shied from the rest of the world
Like she were a completely diverse person
He made her feel superior
Like she were the only significant person in his life
Being with him could put a smile on her face
Having the times of her life

Memories he could hold onto forever
Giving her all his love
Because he knew he was giving it the right person

Now seeing him with another girl
Hurts her deep down inside
Knowing she couldn’t show remorse

For now he is with another girl
And she is with another guy
But forever there hearts will mend.

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