January 7, 2009
By Alice J. Byrd, Wasilla, AK

"Do you love me?"

Your eyes stare softly into mine
with no idea of how much I yearn for them
and all that is attached.

Touch me -

Your fingertips stroke my cheek
soaking up the tears like sponges
wiping away my old self, bit by bit
mopping up my heartaches.

Tell me -

Your eyes lick your shoelaces
as your lips form a line that
would impress a drill seargeant -
you can't say it.

Show me -

You pull me into your chest
our hearts touch and
for one-hundredth of a milli-second
i think i hear -


The author's comments:
Alice J. Byrd is a 15 year old wannabe poet. You can read more of her poetry here >>

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