January 7, 2009
By Sofya Manevich, Brooklyn, NY

Soft knock on the door
and my heart starts to race
I've been expecting you.
You walk in
glide in. my ghost.
Sit down and wrap your arms around me
[I can't wait to get you in bed]
You lay down next to me
hands over my heart
Where these memories are kept

Your light breathing
turns into dreams
I wouldn't dare fall asleep
to miss a second of this
You hold my hand
like you need me there
I almost cry
you're leaving so soon...
Maybe I won't wake you
so I can keep you here
In my memories.

When I open my eyes
you're gone
I wonder if you were ever here
but your scent lingers
It dances on my pillow
Never letting me forget
that I was just another girl to you
Part of your beautiful game
that I still try to win.

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