January 7, 2009
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What do you call it,
When my feet leave the ground,
When my heart starts to warm
And begins to cry out
What is this feeling
When I feel I can fly,
When my limbs and my soul
Are ready to die
For something unique
A person, a thing,
I feel an incredible bond,
Like a bird needs its wings
I dotn know what to call it,
When my face hits the sand,
And something swoops down,
And lends me a hand,
I dotn know how to phrase it,
I just dotn know the word,
When I give all that I have,
To a person, a being,
When my heart begins to glow,
And my eyes begin seeing
And all of myself is consumed
By an incredible fire,
A feeling, a passion, a force, so un-dire
I’ve heard of this feeling,

I think people call it love.

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