January 7, 2009
By Anonymous

I clutched onto your promises, I rode your coattails, and I breathed you.

I loved you until you began to hate me. Your voice slithered inside my head, controlling my thoughts.

You made me hate you

You made me hate me.

Shut up, stop spewing your lies; I am not you…I’m better off without you.

I’m sorry, I don’t deserve you, we are one, together we stand together we fight. I will win. You and I will cross this finish line of death together.

Numbers, people, sick, bones…help

You’ve betrayed me again; I can’t live like this anymore. I won’t listen to your seemingly nonchalant thoughts you imprint in my mind. I am going to finish this race of life on my own.

I won’t die, but you will.

You’re gone, completely and utterly gone.

I threw a party at your funeral....

and I ate cake.

…you’ve come back

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