Fake Friends

January 7, 2009
By Marisa Munoz, Burien, WA

A friendship was torn and taped up so badly that everyone could tell,

An unclear message was thrust upon us that no one seemed to understand,

It was taken like noting but it trully meant something,

How could I let this happen I knew what I was trying to say,

I took it so seriously even when I knew you would just take it like a game,
Rules of a game should always be followed but I closed my eyes and let you cheat,

Cheating is wrong and letting you do it totally just screwed me over,

But for sometime it made you happy and since we were friends I was happy too,

Then it was broken and you walked away speaking to me only when neccessary,

That made me sad that's two things now this game is trully unkind,

This unclear message that was thrust upon us that no one seemed to understand,

It tore us in two and we had to pretened that everything was just the same,

once good friends so both of us knew we were not as close as we thought,

But still there's no reason for tears to be taped when they should at least be sewed,

There was a heart broken and a soul chipped just because of are supposed friendship.

The author's comments:
I'm Marisa and my peice was written about something that did happen but it wasn't quite that extreme, just a misunderstanding.I like to write and I have alot of ideas, but most people dont know that. But its just something to do for fun.

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